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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

The inspiration for this model came from a colleague of mine who purchased the Alfa Romeo 4C. I searched the internet for pictures of his car and then I found this spider version in gorgeous white with Italian race stripes. For some reason I can’t phantom now I thought it a good idea to make the car fully remote controlled.

The Alfa Romeo 4C spider has the following features:
– Independent suspension on all wheels
– Openable hood/hatch/doorsar4c-007_
– V4 fake engine
And the following functions are remote controlled:
– Drive
– Steering
– 4 speed sequential gearbox
– Seats forward/backwards
– Seatrest recline forwards/backwards

I have made instructions for this model that are available for free (but be warned that this model uses a lot of rare parts). On the building instruction page you can order the instructions.


Here is a video which shows all the functions.

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