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BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

The BMW 328 Hommage was a car I accidently stumbled upon when browsing the internet. The moment I saw the car I realized I wanted to replicate it in Lego. The asymmetric interior design, the huge bonnet and the striking crossed front lights are defining features of this car.

100_9111The BMW328 Hommage has the following features:
– Independent suspension on all wheels
– Working steering with proper steering geometry (Ackerman, kingpin inclination, etc.)
– A sequential 4D+N+R gearbox that is operated with one gearshifter
– Openable hood to reveal the 6 cilinder engine


I have made instructions for this model that are available for 11 euros. On the building instruction page you can order the instructions.


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