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Ferrari 308 GTSi

Ferrari 308 GTSi
Ferrari 308 GTSi

This is a replica of the iconic Ferrari 308 GTSi. My client provided photos of his real life version of this car so that I could replicate it with all details (red grilles above the front wheels, extra lower lip below the bumper, tan leather interior, etc.).

It has the following features:
– Independent suspension on all wheels with anti-roll bars
– Steering with proper geometry (ackerman, kingpin inclination, camber, etc.)
– pop-up headlights (operated with a switch in the dashboard)
– adjustable seats (forward/backwards + recline forward/backwards)

Ferrari 308 GTSi

– 3+R manual gearbox
– detailed V8 engine
– openable hood (to access the spare tire)
– openable doors
– openable trunk
– detailed interior



The model was designed with an exclusivity agreement so no instructions will be made available.

Side view
Ferrari 308 GTSi

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