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Aston Martin DB11


Here is a model I made on my own account. The new Aston Martin DB11:

Aston Martin DB11

It is build in a bigger scale than my other supercars, using the LEGO 42056 Porsche wheels. The model is filled with functions:

  • Independent suspension on all wheels
  • Steering with functional steeringwheel and HoG in the back
  • Swiveling frontlights (right lamp turns right when steering right, left light turns left when steering left)
  • LED lights front and rear
  • Sequential gearbox operated with paddles next to the steering wheel and HoG in the rear. It is an 8D+N+R gearbox (ie eight speeds forward, one reverse and one neutral).
  • Highly detailed V12 fake engine
  • Adjustable front chairs (forward, backward and tilting backrest)
  • Aerobrake in the back coupled to the gearbox
  • Opening doors, bonnet and tail
Aston Martin DB11

Instructions are available for 20 euros.



10 thoughts on “Aston Martin DB11

  1. Amazing model ! Looking forward to build it myself 🙂

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Well done!!

  3. what a piece of art !
    Can wait to get all the parts together so I can start building

  4. Petite question comment as tu réussi à avoir une marche arrière avec ta boîte 8 rapports?

    1. Je ne parle pas Francais bien, mais je vais essayer de répondre par Anglais.
      If I translated your question correctly you ask how I was able to have both an 8 speed gearbox and a reverse gear, right? The answer is that I have a D-N-R switch in the center console. If that is switched to R a separate driveline is engaged that only contains the reverse gear. If it is switched to D it uses the driveline that goes through the 8-speed gearbox.

      1. Merci beaucoup de ta réponse et encore un grand bravo pour se magnifique modèle

  5. Ps: ton modèle est magnifique

  6. […] I drew inspiration from a lot of different cars I had designed up to this point. The gearlever mechanism was inspired by the mechanism in my BMW 328 Hommage. The adjustable chairs with their own HoG’s are much like the ones in the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The HoG of the gearbox was the last addition to the design and was inspired by the similar HoG on the Aston Martin DB11. […]

  7. Can you build this model just with the Porsche gt3 set?

    1. No, but the Porsche will give you roughly two thirds of the needed parts.

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