Aston Martin DB11


Here is a model I made on my own account. The new Aston Martin DB11:

Aston Martin DB11

It is build in a bigger scale than my other supercars, using the LEGO 42056 Porsche wheels. The model is filled with functions:

  • Independent suspension on all wheels
  • Steering with functional steeringwheel and HoG in the back
  • Swiveling frontlights (right lamp turns right when steering right, left light turns left when steering left)
  • LED lights front and rear
  • Sequential gearbox operated with paddles next to the steering wheel and HoG in the rear. It is an 8D+N+R gearbox (ie eight speeds forward, one reverse and one neutral).
  • Highly detailed V12 fake engine
  • Adjustable front chairs (forward, backward and tilting backrest)
  • Aerobrake in the back coupled to the gearbox
  • Opening doors, bonnet and tail
Aston Martin DB11

Instructions are available for 20 euros.



7 thoughts on “Aston Martin DB11”

    1. Je ne parle pas Francais bien, mais je vais essayer de répondre par Anglais.
      If I translated your question correctly you ask how I was able to have both an 8 speed gearbox and a reverse gear, right? The answer is that I have a D-N-R switch in the center console. If that is switched to R a separate driveline is engaged that only contains the reverse gear. If it is switched to D it uses the driveline that goes through the 8-speed gearbox.


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