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F14A Tomcat


It has been a while since my last post, my apologies for that. I haven’t been idle though. In the coming months I hope to be able to show some of the models I designed for my customers in the past months. But let me start by introducing the model I have been working on for the past year. Here is my replica of the F14A Tomcat in LEGO Technic:

F14A Tomcat
F14A Tomcat

The Tomcat is an incredible plane, and I tried to pack my version as dense as possible with the features the real plane has as well:

Driven by one M-motor and using a manual gearbox the following functions are electrified:
– The engine turbines (directly coupled to the M-motor)
– The rotating Gatling gun on the port side
– A small pneumatic pump
– The canopy
– The landing gear
– The eight landing gear bay doors
– The adjustable main wings (in the photo below they are moved out, in the photo above they are swept back)

F14A Tomcat
F14A Tomcat, with main wings out

Next to that there are six pneumatic valves controlling the following functions:
– Switch between the internal small vacuum pump and the external large vacuum pump
– The bleed doors in the air-intakes of the engines
– The delta wings at the side of the air-intakes
– The arresting hook
– The front and rear flaps on the main wings
– The two air brakes on the main wings and the three air brakes at the end of the fuselage

F14A Tomcat
F14A Tomcat with main wings swept back

The plane also features a couple of manual functions:
– A knob to control the pitch of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wings and the joystick are controlled with this knob.
– A knob to control the roll & jaw of the aircraft. The rear horizontal wing, the vertical control surfaces and the joystick are controlled with this knob. If the landing gear is down, the front landing gear is steered with this knob as well. A special differential control mechanism is used to combine both pitch and roll control and feed only one signal to each wing.
– The nacelles that contain the turbo engines can be opened and the engines can be taken out.
– A double lever to activate the ejection seats. The canopy is ejected at the same time as well.

F14A Tomcat
F14A Tomcat rear view

And finally some fun facts:
The model weighs around 4 kilograms and is just shy of 4000 parts
It is 87 cm long, 101 / 66 cm wide (main wings open / swept back) and 33.5 cm high when put on its stand
It has ten small pneumatic cylinders and nine shock absorbers
It has 549 axles, 110 gears and 111 panels
Most of the functions are color coded so that you can distinguish them during the building process

F14A Tomcat
F14A Tomcat


9 thoughts on “F14A Tomcat

  1. Do you have a video of it?

  2. The word “fantastic” is not praising it enough! I hope that you will finally make the instructions available (maybe after you sold the exclusive sets) to those not having 3000 and more bucks to spend… (but maybe fifty or a hundred) Great work!

    1. Thank you for the praise. In the future I will release these kind of sets both as instructions as well as a complete set, but in this case I will not. It wouldn’t be fair to my buyers to change the rules now.

  3. I would love to see a video. Is this available to purchase now?

    1. I just finished the Tomcat! What an incredible build this is! Jawdropping how you fit in all these functions. And they all work fine. Really glad you made the instructions available.
      It was an awesome experience building this.
      Thanks for this incredible design!

      1. Thank you for all the kind words. I am glad it gave you so much pleasure.

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