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Mercedes-AMG GT R


It is time to present my next commissioned model. It is a 1:10 replica of the Mercedes-AMG GT R.

Mercedes-AMG GT R
Mercedes-AMG GT R

This time I also made a short video showcasing its functions.

This model features the following functions:

  • independent suspension on all wheels
  • steering with HoG and working steering wheel
  • V8 fake engine
  • working lights (with custom lighting bricks)
  • opening doors and hood
  • adjustable seats
  • adjustable spoiler
  • detailed interior and engine bay
  • a 4D+N+R gearbox
  • an active aerodynamic spoiler in the front which opens when 4th gear is engaged
  • four wheel steering with speed (read gear) dependent behaviour:
    – in 1st gear the wheels steer against each other
    – in 2nd gear only the front wheels steer
    – in 3rd gear the rear wheels steer a bit with the front wheels
    – in 4th gear the rear wheels steer with the front wheels
Mercedes-AMG GT R
Mercedes-AMG GT R

This model was a real challenge in terms of packing all this functionality into it. It has over 2200 parts, despite being a 1:10 model. The mistress is of similar scale, but has only 1600 parts, whereas the 1:8 DB11 has ‘only’ 2700 parts. Still, I am very pleased with the end result. Especially the gear dependent four wheel steering setup works like a charm.

Mercedes-AMG GT R
Mercedes-AMG GT R

This is the first model that has custom stickers (not shown since my client wants to build the model himself so I didn’t apply them) and custom lighting. Here are some shots with the lights on:

Mercedes-AMG GT R
Mercedes-AMG GT R
Mercedes-AMG GT R
Mercedes-AMG GT R

The model was commissioned with an exclusivity clause, so there will be no instructions.

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