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Ferrari 458 Spider


Here is my next commissioned model, the Ferrari 458 Spider:

Ferrari 458 Spider

It is a 1:10 scale replica with the following working functions:

  • Steering with Ackerman geometry
  • Independent suspension on all wheels
  • A fake V8 engine
  • A 4 speed sequential gearbox
  • Openable doors, hood and trunk
  • Convertible roof
Ferrari 458 Spider

It is a right hand drive model. I really enjoyed designing and building this model. The convertible roof was a particular difficult challenge, especially in combination with the gearbox and the engine that all had to fit in the space behind the seats.

Ferrari 458 Spider

I also made a small video to showcase the different functions. It can be found here.

Leg godt,

Jeroen Ottens

5 thoughts on “Ferrari 458 Spider

  1. When will instruction available?? We are very hopeful (Hong Kong funs)

    1. This was a commission with exclusivity clause, so there will be no instructions. I am working on a new model that I will make instructions for. In a couple of weeks I expect to reveal some more.

  2. May I ask if you sell the building instructions for the Ferrari 458 Spider? That one is sooooo real and very beautiful. I think it’s the best Moc I’ve ever seen.
    Sincerely Twan

    1. Hi Twan,

      Thank you very much for the kind words. Unfortunately I will not make buildinginstructions for this car. It was an exclusive commission for which I am not allowed to make instructions.

      Jeroen Ottens

      1. Ok that’s a shame but all respect.
        Can you wel tell how you did the backsite? That one looks so real.
        Sincerely Twan

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