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Liebherr LTM11200


After nearly 10 months of hard work I am finally able to present the LEGO Technic replica of the Liebherr LTM11200 crane. It is one of the biggest roadworthy cranes in the world and I have tried to do it justice in LEGO as well.

This is actually a redesign of the model I made in 2013. At that time I had designed the carrier, the superstructure and the outer section of the boom. I have gone through the entire design, updated it to improve on the weak points of the original design and updated it to the newer parts that are now available. I also designed the complete boom from the ground up.

When I started this model I wanted to make it the most complex remote controlled model that I could think of. At the same time I didn’t want to exceed the limitations that the LEGO PF system set. Which meant no more than 8 motors could be used in the model.

They are equally divided between the carrier and the superstructure. In the carrier one motor is used for switching, whereas the other three are used to drive different functions depending on the position of that switch. It has two positions. In position 1 the three motors are used for driving, steering and switching the steeringmode (you can steer normally, or you can crabsteer). In position 2 the three motors are used to expand the outriggers, elongate the outriggers and finally extend the outrigger feet.

In the superstructure a similar setup is used, only this time there are four positions for the switch. Which gives 12 different functions that can be remotely controlled. Of these 12 functions 8 are located in the superstructure itself:

  • Rotating the superstructure *
  • Raising/lowering the counterweight
  • Raising/lowering the hook
  • Raising/lowering the boom via the cylinders
  • Raising/lowering the boom via the rope-and-pulley system
  • Raising/lowering the arm of the operator cabin
  • Rotating the arm of the operator cabin
  • Tilting the operator cabin

And 4 functions are routed onto the boom:

  • Extending the 4 section boom *
  • Spreading the stabilizer arms
  • Tilting the stabilizer arms *
  • Raising/lowering the supporting legs (needed in case the boom has to be transported separately from the rest of the crane)

This model was always intended to push the edge of the possibilities with LEGO Technic. And unfortunately that edge pushed back. The model is incredibly complex (as an example: it uses over 300 gears) and doing all that in plastic proved to be too difficult for some functions. The functions with an asterisk require manual assistance when operating. And believe me, even though lifting the boom is possible by combining the cylinders and the rope-pulley system, it is really scary to see how much force is going through all that plastic.

Nevertheless, I feel that this model does not meet my quality standards. I therefor decided that I will offer instructions at 50% of the intended price, which means you can buy the instructions for 37.50 euros instead of 75 euros. You will be able to pay full price for the instructions if you want to encourage me to keep pushing the Technic boundaries with my upcoming models.

A big thank has to go to Merlijn Wissink who spend a huge amount of time on making the instructions. The instructions are done to LEGO standards and fill a book of 1174 pages. We did our best to make sure that every step is clear, but as you can imagine I might have missed something. Please let me know if there is anything unclear and I’ll try to explain what was intended.

The partslist on Rebrickable was also compiled with the utmost care, but also here errors could have been made by me. If you find out there is a piece missing (or too much), please let me know and I will update the list.

I hope you enjoy building and playing with this model as much as I did designing it. The end result is a nearly one meter long mammoth that can reach up to 2.5 m high. It is by far not the biggest crane made out of LEGO Technic, but it sure is one of the most complex.

Leg godt,


50 thoughts on “Liebherr LTM11200

  1. Awesome!

  2. Just downloaded the plans for the Liebherr, but where is the partslist?

    1. Hi Kris,

      You can find the partslist here.


      1. Thank you

  3. hi iv just downloaded the parts list and will purchasing the build instructions next week, can you please send me a link for were is the best place to purchase all the parts. thanks

    1. Hi,
      You can purchase the parts at or at

      1. thank you very much and I will be getting the build instructions from you next week,

  4. Dag meneer Ottens, ik dit ontwerp ongeveer hetzelfde als deze?

    Ik ga u ontwerp volgen het is erg interessant.

    Mvg Remi

    1. Hi Remi,

      It is a similar crane indeed. The detailing is completely different though.


  5. Hi Jeroen, i’ve already bought the instructions but i need the ldd file, you got it?

    1. The LDD file is not for sale I’m afraid.

  6. Hi I will be purchasing the instructions for this madel next week, however do you have any pictures of the finished model. I have seen the videos on your YouTube channel but no pictures or video of the completed model. Thanks Jason

    1. Hi Jason,
      I have been waiting for better weather to do photographs & video. I will make some photos tomorrow and hopefully I can shoot a video as well.

  7. How much do the parts required to complete this cost please – approx obviously will do. THANKS

    1. If you would buy all the parts it is about a 1000 euro. But most parts are quite common, so if you already have a collection it will be much less. On Rebrickable you can check the inventory and see what parts you miss if you already have certain sets.

      1. We have bought al the parts on Bricklink at 5 stores, the most of the parts came from 1 store and he gave us a discount of 20% but the bill at the end was 1500€ for all the parts. Also not all the parts where on the building plan, and we made some small adjustments to make it run a little smoother

  8. Where can I get the instructions book in HK?
    Moreover, besides getting those partslist from internet , is there any store selling ?

    1. The instructions are only available as PDF. Since they are >1100 pages printing and shipping them will be very expensive.
      Parts can be bought at or I can do that for you if you want, send me an email ( if you want a quotation for that.

  9. Hi, I saw on the eurobricks about redesigning the ltm11200. Is the current building instructions the latest redesign model?

    1. Yes it is, this is the final version

  10. Hi, so will you improve this MOC? Or just leave it alone?

    1. Never say never, but at this moment I do not have plans to make a third version of this crane.

  11. […] Männer brauchen Spielzeug, Männerspielzeug. Lego Technic bietet sich da an, wobei man allerdings für das von Jeroen Ottens entworfene Modell des Liebherr Krans LTM 11200 nicht nur eine Menge Geduld, sondern auch etwas Kleingeld übrig haben sollte. Denn für fast 8000 Einzelteile muss man auch knapp 1450 Euro für Bauplan und Teile löhnen. Dafür bekommt man dann allerdings auch dieses imposante Modell, zumindest wenn man es komplett zusammengebaut hat und sich nicht schon vorher weinend im Keller einschließt… 😎 Wer Interesse hat dieses Monstrum mal nachzubauen, Infos gibt’s hier. […]

  12. hej jeroen can you send me de parts list of your moc in pdf plaese

    1. Hi Kristof,

      The partslist is on Rebrickable:
      You can download the list in various formats from that site.

  13. Hi Jeroen so where i buy this set
    And the full instuction book

    Adam Spoor

    1. You can buy the parts on sites like or You can buy a PDF of the instructions on my site:

  14. Still can’t Find it

  15. Hello. I am interested in the instructions for your Liebherr MOC Crane. I want to buy your instructions but I wanted to make sure if they are in English.

    1. The instructions are similar to the official LEGO ones. There are only a few written instructions. These are in English.

  16. Hi Jeroen, I bought the plans for the LTM 11200 but are the decals/stickers available?

    1. I don’t have them. I know some people have made custom decals for this set, but I am not aware of anyone selling them.

  17. This is the most wonderful build I’ve ever seen in Lego. I’ve been building Lego’s since I was four years old and mostly truck themed, this MOC is a new goal for me I want to build in the near future. I have a few questions, does the instructions/build list include building the Y-Frame and also the counter weight assembly? And if not, do you know where I could find the parts and instructions for them?

    1. The Y-frame and the counterweights made by batteryboxes are included in the instructions.

    2. hi can you tell me where i can purchase this item, thank you

  18. Hoi Jeroen,

    It’s a great build.
    A have a question on step 87 i can’t figure out were to place the 3 parts. Can you help me out.
    Thanks allready

    1. On which page? There are multiple step 87’s in this build 🙂

      1. Hi Jeroen

        It’s on page 136/1176

    2. I hope you’ve already found where you had to put these pieces, but if you’re using your computerscreen, click to full screen and then you can (sometimes) switch between 2 steps, so you can see where to put some of the pieces

      Good luck 😉

    Je prevois m’acheter ce magnifique model,mais je me demande si les instructions sont disponible etant donner que je vie au Québec,dans le Canada.

    1. No problem, the instructions are in a downloadable PDF.

  20. Hi can you tell me is it possible to incorporate the new app control system into this model as i have the 9800 excavator, this looks a great build so far i have 98.3% of the parts getting there

  21. sorry just found reply to last question thanks sorted

  22. Hi, have just bought your plans for this and I’m awaiting delivery of the parts. One question how is the 27mtr length of string is routed I can see from the drawing the detail of the front of the jib and through the block but I can’t see anything regarding the other end as to how and where it is threaded through the rest of the crane and into a drum/winch etc.
    Many thanks for any information
    Mike j
    Ps I have seen the file regarding the threading of the boom but no reference to the main lifting rope.

    1. The string goes down to the black axle with the two 32T gears on it. There are two of these cabledrums. The front one is for the string of the hook, the rear one for the string to lift the boom.

  23. Hi there,

    I think you’ve made a little mistake @ page 915 step 5.
    Those pieces must be on the outside of the arm and not on the inside (see also page 864 step 5)
    Those pieces are to secure the “legs” for the arm of the crane

    And i think you’ve forgotten to mention some parts at page 1094

    And then a little question

    U gebruikt 4 batterijbakjes voor countergewicht.
    Is het niet mogelijk om elke motor die achteraan zit te koppelen aan een aparte batterijbak, zodat elke motor op “vol” vermogen kan draaien, zoals bv de “piston” om de arm naar boven te brengen (of te laten zakken) en het rad om de kabels aan te spannen die verbonden zijn met de arm?

    Weet natuurlijk niet of er verlengkabeltjes bestaan om dit eventueel te kunnen uitvoeren?

    1. You are absolutely right. Thansk for pointing this out.
      The motors are connected to the IR receivers. You could connect the IR receivers to two separate batteryboxes.

  24. Hi.
    Great build!
    Finally got all the parts together for it.
    I have seen it written somewere already but cant find it again.
    What was the size of cotton you were using for the rigging?


    1. I use Croton Crochet No10. That is a 0.1 mm cotton wire.

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