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Large helicopter


I’d like to present my latest model. This time it is large motorized helicopter. It has a rotorspan (if that is a word) of one meter and also the body is one meter long. It has all the controls that you expect in a helicopter:
– Collective pitch control
– Cycling pitch control
– Anti-torque tail rotor control

Side view with the doors closed and landinggear retracted

The controls can be operated manually either from the cockpit (cyclic sticks, collective levers and anti-torque pedals) or through small HoG knobs on the rear underside of the main fuselage. It is also possible to add four servo motors to the model to control all these functions remotely via IR.

Furthermore this helicopter is equipped with a retractable rope at the side, a fully articulated camera/searchlight under the nose and a retractable landinggear. All these functions are motorized as well and remotely controlled via IR.

The camera/searchlight in the front can rotate 180 degrees side-to-side and 360 degrees front-to-back

Finally the doors in the front can open as well as the sidedoors that can slide backwards to give access to the spacious interior. When closed these doors sit completely flush with the fuselage.

The model is so large that it is difficult to get proper photos of it, that’s why I chose in this case to only show renders.

Topview that shows the massive one meter rotor-span

Instructions for this model can be bought in my webshop. The partslist can be found on Rebrickable. Please note that the four servomotors and two of the IR receivers are only needed if you want to have motorized flight surface controls. If you are fine with manual flight surface controls you can omit these motors. You’d still need the four M-motors and the remaining two IR remotes and receivers to control all the other functions.

Finally, be warned that unauthorized reproduction of this model, its instructions or its pictures is illegal and you run the risk of being prosecuted for it when you do it anyway.

8 thoughts on “Large helicopter

  1. This is yet another stunning design from you, I am in awe…
    Question: What helicopter did you model it from?

    1. Thanks. I drew inspiration from the AugustaWestland AW169 helicopter.

  2. Hello Sir. Im 3/4 into your beautifully designed helicopter. This is my first Moc and i love it
    I just had 1 question: i did a test to see if all works well before going into the last phase and closing the sides of the engine. So i tried the 2 remote controls. But they seem to operate exactly the same way. I dont see the difference
    Between them. The right levers on bought joystick perform the same movement. The left one on both do the same as well…. I also dont see the wheels going done not sure this was supposed to be the case with the Ir remote. Any thoughts?

    1. If this can help you: at page 300 I am left with an Electric, Power Functions Extension Wire 60656
      They were 2 initially. One I fixed on page 225. The other one is in my hand. I scrolled down the whole plan but don’t see where it should be fixed

      1. In the partslist only one is present. So if you started with two you indeed should have one left.

    2. On both the IR receivers and the IR controls you can choose a channel (1-4). Each channel can control two motors (blue and red). So in total all 8 motors can be controlled individually. You have to set all IR-receivers to a different channel. If you use two remotes you can then select 2 different IR channels at the same time (and thus control 4 motors).
      For example, set the two IR-receivers in the back of the helicopter to channel 1 and 2. Then also set the two IR-controls to channel 1 and 2. Now you should be able to control all 4 flightcontrols separately.

      1. Thank you so much. All fixed 🙂

  3. Thank you for your answer. And could you let me know about my other question if possible? Again congratulations for your amazing work

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