Building instructions Liebherr LTM11200 (full price)

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A PDF of the building instructions for the remote controlled LEGO Technic version of the Liebherr LTM11200. By purchasing these instructions at full price you are encouraging me to keep designing these kind of crazy pushing-the-envelope models. But since this model doesn’t function perfectly I also offer the instructions at a reduced price. The parts list can be found on Rebrickable.

11 reviews for Building instructions Liebherr LTM11200 (full price)

  1. Francesco Barsotti

    I think it’s a masterpiece.

  2. Driger

    Excuse me, how can I purchase the instructions book for the Liebherr LTM11200(full version)?

  3. oliver bowen

    how can I purchase the instructions book for the Liebherr LTM11200(full version)? and or do it come with book

    • jeroenottens

      You can buy the instructions in my webshop. The instructions are only available as a downloadable PDF since they are 1173 pages long… The instructions are for the full model.

  4. Élie Schulthess

    Entre vos deux annonces
    De 75 € et l’autre a 37 €
    Quelle est la différence
    Bonne salutation

    • jeroenottens

      There is no difference. The more expensive one is just a token of appreciation for these kind of models.

  5. Élie Schulthess

    J’ai passé un commande pour votre grue
    A 37€.50
    Mais j’ai pas reçu la liste des pièces
    Comment je peux faire

  6. Joop vermeij

    Hoi Jeroen,het is een prachtig model om te bouwen,mijn complimenten,dat niet alles werkt ach,weegt niet op tegen de mooie uurtjes bouwen,gr Joop

    • jeroenottens

      Thank you!

  7. vennix

    can you also send the parts list for the Mammoet version? so black car and red crane?

    • jeroenottens

      I’m sorry, but that version was made by a fan. I don’t have the instructions nor the partslist for that.

  8. Shaun Hurren

    Do you Do instructions for the lattice jib and ballast and also a parts list for both please

    • jeroenottens

      These are modifications made by a fan. I don’t have the design, plans or partslist for this unfortunately

  9. Vincent Castillo

    Do I have to buy the Lego Liebherr R 9800 Excavator 42100 set to build this?

  10. Andy

    Do the instructions come with A parts list so I can order them from lego if I want?

  11. Chris

    How much will it coast to buy the instructions in the US

    • jeroenottens

      The price is the same everywhere in the world. You’ll get a PDF, so no shippingcosts need to be taken into account.

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