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A PDF of the building instructions for the remote controlled LEGO Technic version of the Liebherr LTM11200. Not functioning perfectly, hence the standard 50% discount on these instructions. If you want to encourage me to keep designing these kind of crazy pushing-the-envelope models you can also buy these instructions at full price. The partslist can be found on Rebrickable.

41 reviews for Building instructions Liebherr LTM11200

  1. Rasmus Lysgaard (verified owner)


    Are there an inventory list for this set?

  2. Dustin (verified owner)

    What part doesn’t function properly?

  3. Ken Cappon

    What do you believe would be necessary to make this crane fully self sufficient? You mentioned that there was a lot of strain on certain plastic components. Would metal parts be needed to handle that strain? Would that help in allowing the main boom to raise and extend by itself, without assistance? I am asking because I am interested in buying this crane but I am willing to wait for any improvements you may make in the near future. It is very impressive.

    • jeroenottens

      I think the concept of a complicated gearbox to reduce the number of motors is the most limiting factor. Direct driven functions with a dedicated motor per function are needed for the most strained functions.
      That is not the kind of builds that excite me very much, so the chance that I’ll be building something like that is small.

  4. Gerard

    Are there also building instructions for the ltm11200 red version ?

    • jeroenottens

      No there are not. But it is relatively easy to change from white to red. You can replace all white parts with red parts. Only the 3×11 cruved panels can better be replaced with 3×11 curved panels with 10 holes since these are way less rare in red.

  5. Tyler

    Are your plans compatible with Mac products, iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers?
    Also is it possible to view samples of your plans before purchasing? If you have made revisions to the plans is there updated files emailed out to purchasers?

  6. Tyler

    Thanks for the reply, another question I have. Is the parts list printable with the purchase of your instructions and will I be able to print the instructions if I choose to have paper copies to work off ?

    • jeroenottens

      The partslist can be downloaded from Rebrickable in a HTML format. That is printable. The instructions are on a A4 format, so in theory that is printable too, but it is 1173 pages full colour.

  7. michael lahaeye

    bonjour je voulais savoir si c’était un modèle neuf ou d’occasion et savoir si il était livre avec les moteur et combien me couterait les frais de port pour le nord de la france cordialement .

    • jeroenottens

      These are only the instructions. You’ll have to gather the LEGO parts yourself.

  8. Steve Armitage

    is it possible to use the control system from Mindstorms to control this moc rather than the system you indicate?

    • jeroenottens

      This model uses the PF motors. As far as I know these are not compatible with the MindStorms system. And the MindStorms motors are not form-fit compatible with the PF motors, so you also can’t replace them. So i am afraid it is either a massive redesign or it is not compatible.

  9. maxime

    bonsoir a tous

    J’ai pour projet d’acheter le plan de la liebherr LTM 11200 mais je voie que vous avez fait quelque modification serait t’il possible d’avoir une liste des pièces que vous avez rajouté afin de compléter ma liste de pièces merci


  10. VERHEYEN KRISTOF (verified owner)


  11. maxime (verified owner)

    bonjour j’ai eu un petit problème lors du téléchargement du plan après le paiement effectuer sur paypal comment puis-je faire pour le récupérer merci je vous met mon adresse mail si vous avez besoin de preuve merci


  12. Adam Cymerman (verified owner)

    ich habe eine Bauanleitung gekauft. Wann wird diese geliefert ?

    • jeroenottens

      You will get immediately an email with a link to download the instructions. If the email hasn’t arrived, please check your spam folder. If it is not there either, please send me a message (

  13. Nunzio

    Hi Jerone ,
    I serch the building instruction for the model as shown in youtube link:

    Have you this type of building instruction, please?
    thanks so much.

    • jeroenottens

      The instructions for the crane without the lattice boom can be purchased in my shop. The lattice boom you have to build yourself I’m afraid.

  14. Nunzio

    Hi Jerone,
    the crane as shown in youtube video is differente from your example building instruction, wheels, and crane are different. In youtube video is present counterweights so.
    I serch building instruction as shown in youtube video:

    I think that in your shop there is a basic building instruction. I don’t serch basic building instructio.
    thanks so much.

  15. adam cymerman (verified owner)

    Hallo Jerone,
    ist das die neuste Version von der Bauanleitung ?
    Ich frage , weil in den YouTube Videos sind Unterschiede im Kran. Vor allem sind die Räder anders und die Batterie-Boxen sind nicht zu erkennen. Es gibt auch viele Optische Unterschiede
    Vielen Dank

    • jeroenottens

      There are a couple of modified versions of my crane on the internet. These modifications were not done by me, so I don’t have instructions for these.

  16. adam cymerman (verified owner)

    Hallo Jerone,
    vielen dank für diese Information, war sehr hilfreich.
    Nun kann ich endlich mit dem Bauen loslegen.

  17. chabaud (verified owner)

    recherche liste des pieces de la grue Liebherr LTM11200 autre que Rebrickable?

    • jeroenottens

      Rebrickable is the only place where the partslist can be found. You can download them in various formats. The partslist is free.

  18. Felix

    Is this LTM 11200 about the same scale as Lego official Leibherr R9800?

    • jeroenottens

      No, I think the excavator is ~2x smaller scale. In my crane the chairs are ~5 studs big, in the excavator only 2-3 studs.

  19. Jean

    Staat erbij wat waar moet net als bij lego beschrijvingen

    • jeroenottens

      De instructies zijn net zoals LEGO instructies. Op een paar plaatsen staat wel extra uitleg in het Engels.

  20. Andrea (verified owner)

    I just noticed that the instruction PDF have only one page as item list (page 1176).
    When I open the last page inside Adobe reader the screen rapidly shows multiple pages then stops to the last one. It seems that there are hidden pages.

    Can you please verify and solve the issue.


  21. gio (verified owner)

    I have purchased your mom and its simply amazing.
    not easy to build but not too hard either.
    my question to you is did you update the moc? I have noticed that you ave added counterweights to your moc. is it possible to acquire the additional build?

    • jeroenottens

      That update was done by a fan. I don’t have the design for that.

  22. Jay

    Hi Jeroen, This model is incredible! mind blowing level of design! I actually collect models of the LTM 11200…this will be like the grail piece one i build it! I am going to purchase the instructions from you. I just wanted to check something, ideally i would like to build the Black/red (Mammoet) colour scheme….is there any way of knowing which parts need to be swapped from white to black/red when sourcing parts from rebrickable?

    Kind Regards

    • jeroenottens

      Hi Jay,
      Thanks for the kind words. To really make it in a Mammoet colourscheme is not so trivial. Normally I would say, just swap the white parts for red ones (and substitute the 3×11 curved frame with 2 pinholes for the 3×11 curved frame with 10 pinholes through the front). But that will give you red outriggers, which, if I am not mistaken, is not the Mammoet colourscheme. Also the fenders would still be dark grey instead of black.
      So the best way to do it I’m afraid is to go through the instructions, step by step, have the parts overview printed next to that and then note every part that you’d like to recolour…

  23. Thomas Baumgartner (verified owner)

    What is the size of the file ?

    • jeroenottens

      A bit over 1 Gb

  24. chris

    My hat is off to you sir, the amount of time and energy you took to design and build this is astounding. I am currently building and looking at the instructions durring the build and it seems that a couple pages for the string does not show the string sizes needed they are pages Pg 823, 947, 1133, and 1158. Otherwise i am really enjoying the build.

  25. Lee


    ist das die neueste Version der Bauanleitung? Und in welcher Sprache ist sie?

    Vielen Dank.

    • jeroenottens

      This is the latest version that i have made. The text is English if there is any (only a few sentences on how to route the wires)

  26. Franz Meemken

    Oben steht das die Bauanleitung Ausverkauft ist,
    wie darf ich das verstehen?
    kann man die Anleitung nicht mehr kaufen?

    • jeroenottens

      That is a misunderstanding. The buildinginstructions are for sale and you can just buy one for yourself.

  27. Shaun

    Hi I’ve purchased the ltm 11200 is there anywhere where I can purchase the stickers for it

    • jeroenottens

      I don’t know. Maybe JaapTechnic or Forwart are interested in making a stickersheet for this model. So far I have only seen a couple of fan-made stickers, nothing commercially available.

  28. Peter

    Hey there

    I have purchased and built your model crane and most functions work as designed but im struggling to get the boom extension and counter weight to function as the gears for them don’t mesh with anything with in the super structure gear box 

    I have followed instructions multiple times and cannot succeed 

    Is it possible that I have the older version of the instructions? 

    I guess what I’m asking is that do you have updated instructions or am I missing something ?

  29. Andre

    Hello, do the instructions clearly show how to route the string in the super structure for the boom and hook?

    • jeroenottens

      Yes, you will get a separate document for that

  30. maciej

    Hi, I am very impressed with the size and sophistication of the crane model. I would like to assemble this model by myself. Tell me, can I assemble with this manual model visible on YT “Lego Technic Liebherr LTM 11200 EXTENSION 320cm !! Power by Jeroen Ottensin” ??

    • jeroenottens

      I’m sorry, but that model is a modified version of my model. For the modification I do not have instructions.

  31. maciej kielak

    I have one more question. do you have examples of several pages of instructions. I’m not sure can I handle it.

  32. Ivan

    Can you help me with strings, Where i can buy 2700cm thin string to assemble this MOC?

    • jeroenottens

      I used normal cotton wire for knitting. Croton Crochet No10, that costs a few euros for 100 m.

  33. Damien Tiffay (verified owner)

    Hi Jeroen,

    I just bought these instructions and i thank you for these wonderful model.

    Can you tell me what is the best way to buy all parts?
    Is it by Bricklink? How can i do?

    I thank you for your answer.

    • jeroenottens, and also via the service/missing parts

  34. Katie

    How many pages are in the instructions?

    • jeroenottens

      1176 pages

  35. Olaf

    Dear Jeroen
    I bought the crane from a German seller because he gave up after I saw all the parts. I start already up to page 36 in the building plan. But the quality of the plan is very poor. Picture looks blurred.
    I really want to buy the plan from you to finish this model. I can’t figure out in your shop if you send the plan by post or can I download via drop box.
    Please contact me by my email if possible.
    Kind regards

    • jeroenottens

      When you buy theinstructions you will get a download link. With that you can download the pdf.

  36. Olaf

    Dear Jeroen
    could you please check if you receive the money for the plan via pay pal already
    Kind regards

  37. Bart

    Hi Jeroen,

    Does it help that I own two sets of the 42009 crane? I mean in the sense that I do not have to buy as much? Or maybe the 42082, I have some of that model as well. Just trying to get a feel for the amount of parts I’d need to buy. Thank you for your time. Your model is the one crane to build imho, like the Holy Grail for crane enthousiasts! Much respect for all your work in designing and building it! Best regargds Bart

    • jeroenottens

      Hi Bart,

      Having two sets of 42009 will help a lot, especially if you are going to build it in yellow. On Rebrickable you can see which parts you are missing if you subtract these two sets from the partslist (you’ll have to choose the setting to ignore the colours of the parts or first make a customlist where you make all white parts yellow).

  38. Hubert

    J’arrive sur les 30 dernières pages après l’assemblage des bras télescopiques. Les pièces coulissent bien en titrant sur les fils. Je n’arrive pas à comprendre ce qu’il faut faire maintenant avec les fils qui dépassent. Pouvez-vous m’aider ??
    Merci beaucoup.

    • jeroenottens

      Les fils peuvent être attachés aux “pin-with-towballs” noires sur le côté du mât.

  39. Ab (verified owner)

    Beste Jeroen ik heb de PDF bij jou gekocht maar door een of ander probleem krijg ik niet de gehele onderdelen lijst tevoorschijn. Kan jij mij misschien helpen?

    Gr Ab

  40. Arnaud


    Est-ce qu’il y a bien toutes les pièces sur ?
    Car je n’ai pas su voir les cordes ou les autocollants .

    • jeroenottens

      The ropes are longer than anything LEGO has produced, so you can better buy some 50 m of rope yourself. There are no stickers on this version

  41. zheng xie (verified owner)

    i need a inventory list

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