Building instructions Liebherr LTM11200

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Building instructions for the remote controlled LEGO Technic version of the Liebherr LTM11200. Not functioning perfectly, hence the standard 50% discount on these instructions. If you want to encourage me to keep designing these kind of crazy pushing-the-envelope models you can also buy these instructions at full price. The partslist can be found on Rebrickable.

8 reviews for Building instructions Liebherr LTM11200

  1. Rasmus Lysgaard (verified owner)


    Are there an inventory list for this set?

  2. Dustin (verified owner)

    What part doesn’t function properly?

  3. Ken Cappon

    What do you believe would be necessary to make this crane fully self sufficient? You mentioned that there was a lot of strain on certain plastic components. Would metal parts be needed to handle that strain? Would that help in allowing the main boom to raise and extend by itself, without assistance? I am asking because I am interested in buying this crane but I am willing to wait for any improvements you may make in the near future. It is very impressive.

    • jeroenottens

      I think the concept of a complicated gearbox to reduce the number of motors is the most limiting factor. Direct driven functions with a dedicated motor per function are needed for the most strained functions.
      That is not the kind of builds that excite me very much, so the chance that I’ll be building something like that is small.

  4. Gerard

    Are there also building instructions for the ltm11200 red version ?

    • jeroenottens

      No there are not. But it is relatively easy to change from white to red. You can replace all white parts with red parts. Only the 3×11 cruved panels can better be replaced with 3×11 curved panels with 10 holes since these are way less rare in red.

  5. Tyler

    Are your plans compatible with Mac products, iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers?
    Also is it possible to view samples of your plans before purchasing? If you have made revisions to the plans is there updated files emailed out to purchasers?

  6. Tyler

    Thanks for the reply, another question I have. Is the parts list printable with the purchase of your instructions and will I be able to print the instructions if I choose to have paper copies to work off ?

    • jeroenottens

      The partslist can be downloaded from Rebrickable in a HTML format. That is printable. The instructions are on a A4 format, so in theory that is printable too, but it is 1173 pages full colour.

  7. michael lahaeye

    bonjour je voulais savoir si c’était un modèle neuf ou d’occasion et savoir si il était livre avec les moteur et combien me couterait les frais de port pour le nord de la france cordialement .

    • jeroenottens

      These are only the instructions. You’ll have to gather the LEGO parts yourself.

  8. Steve Armitage

    is it possible to use the control system from Mindstorms to control this moc rather than the system you indicate?

    • jeroenottens

      This model uses the PF motors. As far as I know these are not compatible with the MindStorms system. And the MindStorms motors are not form-fit compatible with the PF motors, so you also can’t replace them. So i am afraid it is either a massive redesign or it is not compatible.

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