1:10 scale Pagani Huayra

A red and black beauty with medium stone grey accents. Breathtakingly detailed and packed with functionality. Released as an exclusive limited run of only ten sets. Delivered in a high quality German packaging container. Here is my latest model, a 1:10 replica of the Pagani Huayra.

This model is like no other model. It has over 2700 parts. It features an 8 speed gearbox that is controlled through the gear shift stick in the center console in exactly the same way as the real car. It’s clamshell bonnets can open to reveal the cantilevered suspension setups on all wheels. A detailed V8 engine sits in the back, surrounded by all the tubing and piping to feed air and fuel to this hungry monster. Hand of god wheels are placed discretely in the model to operate the chairs, the gearbox, the steering and the drive height adjustment of the front wheels.

The aerobrakes in the front and back are moving like the real car when going through a corner. In every part of the car the design is replicating the details from the real car. From the iconic ellipse-shaped front lights to the quadruple exhausts. The interior is decorated in warm, dark hues of brown, grey and gold. The chairs are fully adjustable.

The model uses flexaxles in abundance to recreate the smooth curves of the original car. Despite the curves and angles in the bodywork the model is extremely stiff and can lifted by the roof without fear of it breaking apart. The stiffness of the structure is generated in the same way as the real car through a monocoque structure surrounding the cockpit.

The instructions will be printed in full colour on glossy paper, while the parts will be packed in a high-quality German storage system. This set is limited to ten copies due to some of the rare parts used in this model. It can be ordered through the webshop and will be delivered with free shipping.
1:10 scale Pagani Huayra