My name is Jeroen Ottens. I am a profesional LEGO Technic designer who can design any vehicle you can dream of in LEGO Technic. I used to work for the LEGO company as a LEGO Technic designer, but have now started for myself.

Are you looking for a reproduction of your favorite vehicle in LEGO Technic? To get a model that not only has the looks, but also has all the functionality on board?

Look no further, here you can find what you are looking for. Maybe the vehicle of your dreams is already designed by me. Check the shop to see the exclusive sets and instructions that are available.

And if the vehicle of your dreams is not there, you can always ask me to design it for you. You can decide exactly how the vehicle should look like, which functions it should have and you can choose which level of exclusivity you want. Check the commissioning page to get in touch.

Don’t worry if you have a something different than a car that you want to have replicated. Anything can be built from LEGO Technic. Have a look around my Flickr page to get a peek in the kitchen of LEGO Technic modeling.