Hello, how can we help?

This page provides help with the most common questions about our shop.

What are the costs of commissioning a model?

The price of a commissioning depends on the model you want me to design and on the level of detail, functionality and exclusivity. The price is typically multiple thousands of euros.

I do want to commission a model, how do I go about this? What is the process like?

You can start by sending me an email in which you describe what kind of vehicle you would like to commission. I will respond with some questions to get a better feel for what you are looking for (size, colour, functionality, etc.). If that is all clear I will send you a quotation for the commission. You will typically get some options to tailor the model to your liking (level of realism, level of detail, exclusivity arrangements). You can choose which options you want and pay 10% of the agreed price upfront to seal the deal.

What are the exclusivity arrangements that you offer?

I offer three levels of exclusivity:

— public model: You will get the model, I can post pictures of it on the internet and I keep the right to make & sell building instructions;

— exclusive model: You will get the model, I can post pictures of it on the internet, but I will never make building instructions

— full exclusivity: You will get the model and I will not post any pictures of it on the internet, nor make building instructions.

I see a lot of cars on your website. Do you also build other kind of vehicles?

Yes I do. I have designed cars, cranes, planes and even a Zeppelin. Have a look at my Flickr page for the other vehicles I have designed over the years.

I have a large collection of LEGO Technic at home, can I get a price reduction on the commissioning if you only have to send me the building instructions of the model you design for me?

Unfortunately not. Designing a model is a lot of work and that mostly determines the price of the commissioning, material cost is not a too big part of that. Making building instructions is nearly as much work as designing a model. Not sending the model doesn’t outweigh the cost of making building instructions.

Are you in any way associated with the LEGO company?

No I am not. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site.