With the lockdown keeping us all confined to our homes giving us way too much spare time I decided to release the instructions of the Tomcat I built a couple of years ago. At nearly 4000 pieces and with a myriad of functions it is a build that will keep you occupied for quite some time I hope. You can buy the instructions in my webshop. When you have two sets of 42066 you’ll have about half of the pieces needed to build this model.

I wrote a longer article on all the functions here, but here is a short summary of the functionality:

    — Motorized landing gear
    — Motorized landing gear bay doors
    — Motorized Gatling gun
    — Motorized onboard pneumatic pump
    — Motorized swing wings
    — Motorized cockpit canopy
    — Pneumatic arrester hook
    — Pneumatic air brakes in the wing and on the fuselage
    — Pneumatic leading edge slats
    —  Pneumatic intake bleed doors
    —  Pneumatic delta wings
    —  Pneumatic switch to choose between the inboard pneumatic pump and the of board manual pneumatic pump
    —  Manual joystick that is connected to the control surfaces
    —  Differentially operating elevons
    —   Both rudders
    —  Manual ejection system. This will eject the canopy and the two chairs

Stay home, stay safe.