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Here are the instructions for a LEGO Technic scale model of the spaceshuttle. It comes in two versions, one based on the retired Power Functions system and one based on the later PoweredUp system. For the PoweredUp version there is no profile available to control the model with, you'll have to make this yourselves.

The model has 8 motorized functions, of which two can be activated at the same time:
- Landing gear bay doors + Landing gear
- Cargo doors + Robot arm lift
- Robot arm rotation + Satelite solarcells
- Pitch controls + Roll controls

In the PU model everything is remote controlled. In the PF model the functions need to be selected manually and can then be remote controlled.

For PU profile the motor in port C is the selector motor, this one needs to be calibrated between the two endstops (pos 0 and 270 degrees). Then the positions 90 and 180 are the other two position to select the motor functions.

The instructions come as two downloadable PDF files, one for the PF version and one for the PU version.

The partslists can be found on Rebrickable:

Partslist PF version (1941 parts)

Partslist PU version (1917 parts)


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